Targa High Country 2021 returns to Tolmie

Saturday 6th February sees the return of Targa High Country 2021 through Tolmie.  As a result the Mansfield-Whitfield Road will be closed in sections from 10.28am to 5.28pm.

The Mansfield-Whitfield Road will be CLOSED –

  • between Stevensons Road (Bridge Creek) & Spring Creek Road (Tolmie) from 10.28am – 5.28pm
  • Tatong-Tolmie Road (Tolmie) & Bakery Lane (Whitfield) from 10.43am – 5.13pm

Residents and visitors should note that during the road closure period, all residents along the TARGA stages will have good access to police, fire and ambulance services thanks to their involvement in the event.  Should any emergency arise simply dial the normal emergency phone number 000.

Download detailed road closure information – TARGA2021

For further information contact the Targa office on (03) 6144 9500, email info@targa.com.au or visit the Targa website.