How can I best view the Tolmie Times website?
Firefox is the preferred browser, but it can also be viewed in Chrome, IE 7/8, Opera and Safari. The recommended minimum screen size 1366 x 768 or higher.


How can I place an advert in the Tolmie Times?
Adverts can be placed by using the "General Enquiries & Feedback" section of the Contact Us page.

Where will my advert appear?
Adverts will appear in the printed publication of the Tolmie Times.

Cost of advertisements?
For up-to-date charges please contact us by using the "General Enquiries & Feedback" section of the Contact Us page.

Can you add a link to my webpage from my online advert?
Yes this is possible providing a reciprocal link back to the Tolmie Times is provided, and that your site meets our criteria. If unsure use the Contact Us page to ask us a question.


Can I submit an article?
Articles can be submitted for publication by using the "Submit An Article" section on the Contact Us page. The publisher has final discretion over the printing of the article. All articles submitted must have the authors name & contact details included.


Letters submitted for addition to the Tolmie Times must include the authors name & contact details. Letters submitted without these details will not be printed. Author details may be withheld upon request. The publishers reserve the right not to print letters they deem inappropriate for the publication.


Can I submit a photo for the web page gallery?
Photos can be submitted to the web page gallery by using the Contact Us page. Photos must have a local connection ie. local event, sites etc. Photos submitted must include photographers full name, email address and title of photo. The publisher reserves the right to reject photos or remove them without notice. The publisher also reserves the right to edit, alter or resize submitted photos to ensure continuity of the gallery.

What is the maximum size of the photo I submit?