Have Your Say on Mansfield Shire Council structure

For the first time since 2007 the Mansfield Shire community has an opportunity to have its say on the structure of Mansfield Shire Council when a review begins on Wednesday 30 October.

The review, undertaken by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC), is known as an electoral representation review and will examine Mansfield Shire Council’s electoral structure, including:

  • the number of councillors
  • whether the council should remain subdivided into wards
  • if subdivided, the number of wards, ward boundaries, and the number of councillors per ward.

The review will not consider a council’s external boundaries or whether it should be combined with another council (or separated).

Reviews are generally required at least every 12 years and, according to Electoral Commissioner Warwick Gately AM, are an important way of ensuring all voters are represented in a fair and equitable way.

‘The opportunity to have your say doesn’t come around too often, so it’s important to have a broad range of community members contributing to the shape of their local democracy,’ Mr Gately said.

‘If you are interested in the future electoral structure of your local area, I encourage you to get involved. Public submissions are a vital part of the review process, providing valuable local knowledge and perspectives.’

Anyone interested in finding out more about the review is encouraged to attend a public information session. The session will be held at 5.00 pm on Thursday 31 October 2019 in the Council Chambers, 33 Highett Street, Mansfield.

A submission guide and fact sheet outline the review process and provide important background information and key dates. The guide and fact sheet are available at vec.vic.gov.au.

The VEC will release its preliminary report with options for the council’s electoral structure on Wednesday 29 January 2020.

Any changes to the electoral structure of Mansfield Shire Council will apply at the next general election in 2020.

Fire Restrictions commence for Tolmie & District

The Country Fire Authority has announced that Fire Restrictions will commence in District 23, which includes the local government areas of Mansfield, Benalla & Wangaratta, at 1.00am Monday 28th October 2019.  Find out what you can and can’t do during the declared Fire Danger Period, and on days of Total Fire Ban, when fires in the open air are legally restricted, by visiting the CFA website.

“Buy-A-Paver” to celebrate Mechanics Institute 100th Birthday

In conjunction with the 100th Birthday celebration of the Tolmie Mechanics Institute, which will be held in May 2020, we are thinking of repaving the path with a “Buy A Paver” drive.

Pavers will be sold for around $25 per paver with your name/s on them and then laid into a new path at the entrance to the Hall.

At this moment we are looking for expressions of interest to see if there is enough people interested in purchasing a paver.  Whilst some people may have already laid a paver at the Church, we understand there is also quite a few people who missed out on this and would like to be part of Tolmie history.

If you are interested could you please let Karen McGregor know on 0425 740 257 or by email – karen.mcgregor45@gmail.com .

Tolmie Community Based Bushfire Management Group

Community Based Bushfire Management (CBBM) is a new way of reducing the risk of bushfire in Victoria where fire agencies, councils and communities work together to develop local solutions to reduce bushfire risk.
Towns are selected to take part based on their level of bushfire risk and their demonstrated willingness to work together and with agencies.
Tolmie demonstrated the leadership, networks and capability to plan and deliver events that saw it nominated and succeed in being selected as one of only 21 Victorian towns taking part in this project.
Following the very successful ‘Bushfire Simulation’ held at the Tolmie Hall in February, interested residents were invited to form a CBBM group.
Residents will be meeting with representatives from CFA, Forest Fire Management Victoria and the Mansfield Shire Council to work together addressing the issues and concerns about fire that affect Tolmie directly.
The group has had their first meeting and several ideas on fuel reduction, community education and ways to increase resident’s safety were considered and discussed. Future community events were suggested and plans are already being made.
Guest speakers are being organised for a meeting to increase the groups knowledge on roadside management and the plan is to meet monthly, working closely with the fire agencies and Council in having a greater say in how the bushfire risk in Tolmie is managed.
If you are a resident of Tolmie that would like to be involved contact Sue Harley on 0407 604 012.