2021 Tolmie Sports has been cancelled

In a decision that has not been made lightly, the Committee of the Tolmie Sports Association Inc has announced the cancellation of the 2021 Tolmie Sports Day.  As a result of the mandatory restrictions, the dynamics and the uncertainty involved as a result of the advent and ongoing threat of COVID-19, along with the subsequent health & safety impact and risks to the Tolmie Sports Committee, the Sports Volunteers, all Sports participants, including athletes, vendors, stallholders, displayers, sponsors etc, the Tolmie Community, and by extension the wider community this decision was made at the Sports Association meeting on Tuesday night.

They have advised that all relevant personnel involved with the planning and running of the Sports will be contacted and informed before the end of October.

The committee is now looking forward to planning the 2022 Tolmie Sports and as always, thank everyone involved for your ongoing and loyal support in these most dynamic and challenging of times.